J. Harris, Working Woodsman

Providing a range of small woodland, coppice and countryside services, focusing on low impact and ecologically sensitive practices. Using skills and techniques shaped by ancient theories of ecological sustainability to provide services at a contemporary standard. Working around Dartmoor, the southwest, as well as North Wales seasonally.

I am a praticioner of a range of skills and provide services in: Coppicing, managing these rotational productive ecosystems for sustainable resource and materials and supporting the regenenartion of specialist native habitats; small woodland management, pro-active management bringing space and light and encouraging resilient and resistant ecosystems and quality timber and wood resource; hedge management and restoration, using traditional techniques and styles to provide both effective stockade and healthy habitats; low impact scythe management for grassland, meadows, riparian habitats, gardens and orchards- with a specialism in woodland structuring, ground flora and woodland establishment. And through this work I produce and use materials in a sustainable way, crafting a variety of useful, practical, quality products. Please read through the blog to see up to date examples of work that I have done, projects I’ve been involved in and general interest conversation about the business of a Working Woodsman.

Please be in contact with questions, queries and inquiries. I maintain good communication with those whom I’ve worked with, and I endeavour to keep connected to the work I have done…



Latest from the Blog

Coppice in Tregarth

Last winter I undertook a small area of hazel coppice, within a larger garden and orchard in the small town of Tregarth on the northern edge of the Snowdonia national park. The coppice contained over a dozen well stocked stools, probably last cut 10 years ago. Evaluation of new coppice takes into account several factorsContinue reading “Coppice in Tregarth”

Establishing Tree Nurseries.

There is a simple beauty to planting trees, the responsibilty of commiting a seed or sapling to the ground, setting a life into motion. The metaphor of new life feels strong and it is inspiring to watch woodland take shape, the hazy web of twigs giving way to the first low green fog. Whether managingContinue reading “Establishing Tree Nurseries.”

Jordan has been practicing a variety of rural skills over several years. Spending his time between North Wales and southern Dartmoor, he has worked and studied coppice and small woodland management to provide the sustainable woodland management techiniques that provide continuous materials as well as healthy diverse resilient ecosystems.

Working with a range of experienced practitioners, through professional and reputed organisations and as part of the traditional skills community has been a vital part of my education. In turn, I hope that I can use my experiences to recognise the importance of connecting with rural landscapes and ecosytems, and reflect the need for further support and recognition for these skills. This is especially important with the pressures to mitigate ecological collapse and regenerate our countryside bodiversity. As a young conservationist, it is important to recognise the oppurtunities to other young people that rural skills offer.

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